Unik – A restaurant that lived up to its namesake

After our epic walk through Recoleta and of course the requisite siesta, we headed out for dinner at a restaurant that had me really excited.  The owner needed somewhere to display his massive modernist furniture collection and decided to open up a place called Unik.  As our waiter said, if there was a fire, it would be one of the costliest restaurant fires ever.


It was a really stunning layout, with Eames chairs, Jacobson lights and an open kitchen where a small team of chefs were working on various dishes.


It was a pretty small but refined menu.


I’m a sucker for good bread and the fresh out of the oven bread they served alongside with a compound butter with smoked herbs was exceptionally good.


Chris decided to go for the bife de ojo organico along with smoked mashed potatoes (the owner had created his own smoker for it) and greens.


I chose the locally sources pork loin with mille feure of potatoes and bacon with homemade BBQ sauce.  It was fantastic.


I fell in love with this truly awesome piece of cutlery, which is custom made from a place in Cordoba. I barely had to move it to slice right through my pork loin.


We had a nice Bonarda from Mendoza along with the meal and the full thing, tip included came to about $100 USD total – worth every peso.  I plan to go back before they close for some repairs on the 12th and this time sit at the chef’s table to get a close up of their magic at work.


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