Moving day

After 6 days in rather cramped digs in Palermo Soho, it was finally time to get some elbow room at my second loft in Palermo Hollywood.  Even better, the new building has a pool, which will be sorely needed as the mercury begins to climb again over the next few days.



We met up with the owner Marcos, a very friendly guy, who went over the various aspects of the loft.  Located on the 8th floor, it’s a substantially larger loft than the last one and had much better bedding for both Chris (an actual mattress in the sleeper sofa) and me.

Floor to ceiling massive windows look out onto a nice aerial view of the surrounding area.  There is also a small balcony with 2 chairs and a table for alfresco dining or just lounging.  On the 10th floor is a rooftop deck and pool, offering pretty spectacular panoramic vistas of the city.


We took a quick walk around the ‘hood and had a nice lunch outside at a cafe that opened in 1905.  I had a fantastic ham and melted cheese sandwich on a very tasty “Arabe” bread.  It was a nice introduction to my new surroundings.

Poor Chris was still feeling the lingering effects of his nasty cold so while he slept, I settled in to do some work.  The one drawback I had read about this loft was its proximity to the subway.  City noise like that has never really phased me so I didn’t think twice about it.  However, around 3PM or so, the occasional lulling roll of subway cars going by was punctuated by a loud PA announcing the next train.  This was followed by several dogs barking and a kid crying for his mommy.  Ah, life in the big city!


One interesting side note about the cacophony that had been gradually forming was what seemed to sound like a parrot.  Chris and I sat on the balcony trying to figure out what was the parrot and what was the kid.  It turned out, in fact, there is a parrot across the street as his owner came back for feeding time – along with her 3 dogs and 3 cats – quite the menagerie!

Buenos Aires has the most Italians in the world besides, well, Italy, so I wanted to try a local Italian spot.  Marcos recommended a family place that was a few blocks away called La Trapiche.  Around 8:30, we made the short walk to the rather large restaurant, which was almost completely empty.  The menu was almost as big – with multiple dishes offered multiple ways.  It was quite overwhelming.  Both of us decided to go simple.  Chris went with the lasagna and I chose the chicken ravioli.

After about 20 minutes or so, the restaurant began to really fill up with local families and shortly after 9, it was almost completely full.  It was interesting to see the dinner window be defined so rigidly but we were glad we got there when we did to avoid waiting in line.  The food was classic Italian – nice comfort food although not exactly world beaters either.  Still, it was a perfect way to start the next phase of this adventure.


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