NYE – Buenos Aires Style – Part 2

Part 2 – Into the War Zone
After our premature arrival at Crobar and subsequent flee from security, we started walking back to our neighborhood.  The streets were still pretty empty as midnight approached but now there was the distinct sounds of fireworks exploding in the distance, echoing all around us.  The booms got louder and louder until we approached an intersection where we saw 3 guys setting off fireworks.

These weren’t your typical Black Cats or even M80s.  These were fireworks that are pretty much outlawed everywhere in the US for mere civilians.  You can see the video evidence of the chaos here thanks to Chris’ combat footage.

As we continued to walk, there were more explosions and it began to feel like we were in enemy territory during a war.  To make things even more interesting, the temperature had dropped rapidly along with 20 mph winds, which made some of the fireworks not exactly go their intended paths.  Let’s just say that we ran for cover more than a few times.  People were shooting off fireworks on the streets, on top of buildings, everywhere.

It was in a word… awesome.

After cooling our heels for a bit, it was time to head out to Crobar, again.


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