NYE – Buenos Aires Style – Part 3

Part 3 – Into the Fray

By the time we got back to Crobar, it was a bit after 1AM and the temperature had dropped even further, making me seriously rethink my short of a T-shirt – brrr!  Of course, the club still wasn’t open and now there was a long line forming.

In line and effin freezing

In line and effin freezing

Finally, a bit before 2AM to the cheers of the gathering mass of clubbers, they started letting people in a bit at a time.  The club had a large outdoor patio, which on a night like this, would probably stay pretty empty ,that eventually led to the main entrance.

The warmup DJs – the Festa Bros – were already on the decks as we entered the massive club.  The interior of the club was very impressive.  It was built underneath a large bridge so the ceiling height was very high.  There was a long walk up bar and the dancefloor took up the rest of the main room.  It was really too dark for any decent pictures but this is the best I could do.


Main room dancefloor and bar

After about 30 minutes or so, it began to really fill up.  We were checking out the main floor when these 2 guys, clearly already having a really good time, came up to us to ask where we were from.  After they found out we were Americanos, they told us to look down and there on the floor in front of them were 2 full bottles of Absolut vodka they had smuggled in.  That was a first for me.

They told us “anytime you want drink, we give to you.”  However, in exchange for that, they asked if we could help hide the bottles.  The absurdity of the situation amused us so much how could we not help protect their precious cargo.


I felt like an emperor penguin protecting his baby.

Digweed came on a bit after 3AM and by then the club was absolutely packed to the gills.  I continued my bottle centurion duties for awhile but eventually had to get out of the mass of humanity.  As I was getting ready to leave, one of the guys gave me a ticket and told me to go get them some orange juice for the vodka.  Again, the absurdity of the situation made me agree to go do that.

I made my way to the side bar, which took all of my crowd moving skills, and handed over my coupon.  I was expecting to get a glass of OJ.  Instead I was given a full pitcher along with 4 cups with ice.

Trouble with a capital T

Trouble with a capital T

Undaunted by the challenge, I somehow made my way across one of the most crowded dancefloors I’ve ever seen and eventually made it back to the guys.  By this point, I had more than earned my own vodka naranja and poured a nice, strong glass for myself.

The crowd somewhere got even larger and the energy in the club was incredible.  I hadn’t experience anything like it since Ibiza all of those years ago.  Digweed was really feeling it too and played a fantastic set.  Chris was making new friends and I was just soaking up the entire experience.

Finally, at about 7AM, my body told me it was time to go.  The club was still rammed and looked like it would probably keep going for at least a few more hours.  I had already broken my home before sunrise rule – d’oh! – but didn’t feel the least bit guilty.  The sun was shining and the weather was still cool but very pleasant.  We walked back to the loft, laughing and reminiscing about all of the craziness we had just experienced.  It was time for a long, well-deserved rest.


So much for my home before sunrise rule

So much for my home before sunrise rule




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