NYE – Buenos Aires Style – A Tale in 3 Parts – Part 1

Part 1 – A Trek to Nowhere

After a couple of hours of Malbec and meat digestion, it was time to see what a Buenos Aires NYE was all about.  We had already purchased tickets for John Digweed at Crobar and decided that even though it would probably be pretty empty early, we might as well go there for the countdown.
I had read that most Portenos spend the countdown at home with family but I didn’t realize how true that was until hitting the streets around 11PM to walk to the club.  There was absolutely no one around at all.  It felt like a scene out of a zombie movie, with everything eerily quiet.  Fortunately, we saw a happy couple walking by so it was a safe assumption the zombie apocalypse hadn’t occurred…yet.


Crobar was apparently only a 15 minute walk away but when we got to where the map indicated its location, there was nothing close to resembling a massive nightclub.  After 3 failed attempts to get various building security guards to give us directions, we were able to flag down a cabbie, who gave us the right directions.

It turned out that the club was located at the end of park, which was also completely abandoned and no signs for a club anywhere.  However, at the end of the path, underneath a large bridge, there it was…. with no one in line or even walking around near it.  Chris noticed an outside area and decided to go check it out.  He was soon met by a gruff security guy with an equally gruff large dog.  They told us to come back at 1AM as it wasn’t opened yet.  So much for a countdown.

It was only 11:30 so we decided to go get a drink somewhere and come back.  Little did we know what lay ahead.



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