Plaza Armenia

After being able to check out some NFL games thanks to Fox Sports 2 and ESPN Deportes, it was time to check out another part of Palermo Soho – Plaza Armenia.


All photos in this post are courtesy of Chris Forrest.


A rare shot of yours truly, contemplating what to order.

It was still rather hot and muggy but there was a slight breeze to make it all bearable.  The plaza was chock full of people – in cafes, bars, restaurants or just strolling down the street, families, young and old couples alike.  It was a very convivial and inviting scene.

We ended up at Minga, a very stylish but homey parilla that specialized in all things wood grilled.  As tempting as it was to have yet another slab of meat, I instead opted for the daily grilled white fish, in this case, corvina.  Since my trip to Lima, I’ve really enjoyed trying different South American fishes and this one was excellent.  Sometimes referred to as white sea bass, it had a very firm texture that worked great with the charring from the wood grill – delicious.

I had purposefully chosen something not too heavy so I could finally have one of the gelatos I had seen everywhere in my various walks.


This one had quite the line forming so I assume it would probably be good.  That was a good guess on my part.  The system was a bit confusing but to keep things simple I decided to get a small cup of the dulce del leche gelato.  At first I thought it looked way too small but after a couple of bites, I realized that cup would be plenty.  It was truly one of the best gelatos I’ve ever had.


Action shot of my crucial decision

We headed back to the loft, me blissfully consuming my gelato and Chris enduring my frequent outbursts of how damn good it was.  The temperature still hadn’t really dropped much but a slightly stronger breeze made it a fairly pleasant walk home.  It was time to call it a night as tomorrow would bring NYE Buenos Aires style and that would require all the energy we could muster.



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