A slightly late start

Anyone who has traveled over a large number of timezone (and miles of course) knows that eventually those time changes catch up with you.  That happened to me yesterday.  What I thought was a nice night’s sleep turned into the shock of finding out it was just after 2PM.  Ooops.  Fortunately, Buenos Aires is a fairly late rising city so all was not lost.

It also wasn’t necessarily a bad thing for a late start as the heat and humidity were oppressive – lower 90s but felt closer to 100 with the heat index – yecch.  Because of that, I broke my “no shorts in foreign countries” rule as otherwise it would just be too effin hot.  We headed back down the main drag of Thames to go check out an ex pat spot called Magdalena’s Party.
As we walked in, we were greeted by a very American sounding young woman who had just moved from Philly.  The vibe was very cool and funky, from the handwritten signs for the weekly specials to the very eclectic mix of music playing.


View from our table . Chris wanted to try something different, such an artiste.

We both decided to get the American Diner Special, which was a truly American brunch of home fries, 2 eggs (mine sunny side, his scrambled), toast and bacon.  It was a nice taste of home and provided some much needed fuel.


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