A brief respite

Your internal body clock can do some strange things when trying to adjust to a new time zone.  I didn’t think the 3 hour difference (given I started in Dallas vs. LA) would be that dramatic but I guess my body had other ideas.  As much as I slept soundly yesterday, today was nothing but fits and starts all night/morning.  I tried as much as I could to sleep and when I was up, at least attempted to be productive – such as marking out every possible route to Crobar, downloading a Spanish dictionary and other assorted tasks.
Hunger finally roused me permanently from my fitful slumber and we headed out for lunch once again at Plaza Armenia.

The weather was decidedly less settled as we walked, with gusty winds blowing all manner of dust and grit as well as the occasional rain drop.  We luckily arrived at the Plaza just before a major downpour began and chose a central spot called Bartok.

plaza armenia 4

The restaurant was filled with locals and had a very nice, low-key vibe.  Since I’ve been neglectful in documenting previous meals (bad foodie, bad!), I took pics of both of our respective lunches.


To go along with his hot chocolate, Chris opted for the chicken wok:


Whereas I opted for the mustard chicken with caramelized onions and vegetable risotto.  Both were quite good.


Next up was a stop at the only supermercado I had seen so far to grab some stuff for tonight’s dinner.  It was slightly surreal waiting in a typical checkout line but realizing it was in Buenos Aires.  While I was shopping, Chris captured this genius bit of packaging:

diana arroz

It started to rain again as we made our way back home but even the rain didn’t stop people from being civilized while waiting for the bus.

bus line in the rain

The final stop was at the local butcher where I picked up these 2 beauties for only $8 total.


I was both anxious and a bit nervous to try my hand at cooking Argentine beef but that’s for another post…


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