Sydney Day 7 – Bondi Bliss

My flight wasn’t until 9:30 pm and with having to check out at noon, that gave me just enough time to check an item off my bucket list – The Icebergs Club at Bondi Beach. Home to arguably the most famous pool in the world and spectacular aerial views, to get there, I first walked to a train station at bit further from my usual spot but still not too bad. It was about 10 degrees cooler too so that helped tremendously. I then took the train to Bondi Junction and then finally boarded a bus to get to near the club. All told took about 40 mins door to door. Not bad really and when I excited the bus I was greeted with my reward.

The club was located on the far end of the beach above a cliff offering just jaw dropping views of the entire coastline. Having first proved I wasn’t a Sydney local (who have to be or become members) I made my way down to the club’s casual bar and grill.

Being a Tuesday, it wasn’t very crowded so I was able to snag a great spot overlooking everything. Keeping it simple, I ordered their bar burger – bacon cheeseburger with an interesting addition of beetroot along with fries. With that views, it could have tasted like shoe leather, and I wouldn’t have cared. However, turned out to be a very good burger with beetroot adding a nice element to more standard fare.

The halls were lined with the past presidents of the club (from 1923 to present) and vibe was very much of a swim club bar. There was a nice, steady breeze that kept me lingering until it was time to check out the main attraction.

The main pool (the aptly named Big Pool) was reserved for members and for those who had passed their mandatory swim test with a smaller pool open to all for about $7. Needing to block the intense sun, I purchased a cool club cap and asked if I could take a couple of quick snaps.

After that, I walked towards the main path to the beach. The cap was a much needed item and helped big time counteract the strong rays. I could see ahead there weren’t many places along the beach with shade so chilled a bit under one of the rare spots that did, watching the surfers do their thang in the roiling waters.

I continued down the main path, passing some really cool murals that had been painted along with a skate park, turning back to get a couple of shots of the Icebergs club now in the distance.

I had been struck by the lack of lifeguard towers but towards the other end of the beach was the main station, which I had heard barking out various orders during my stroll.

I came to the end of the beach, which had a small tide pool area next to what I’m sure are crazy expensive condos/rentals. I was getting pretty parched as I had finished my usual liter of water and had noticed a small cafe in the center of the walk.

I had initially wanted a beer but guess shouldn’t have been surprised that it was non alcoholic drinks only. I chose at least an interesting one – a yuzu infused non alcoholic sake, which was tart and refreshing.

The service was almost non-existent which was fine with me given my view and the cool ocean breezes. If there had been a hammock, I probably would have stayed a lot longer and possibly missed my flight. But no, I returned to my senses and treated myself to an Uber back to the hotel.

My time in Australia had almost come to an end but what a capper. It’s rare when something not only lives up to your hopes but surpasses them. Bondi Beach and especially the Icebergs Club did just that.


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