Amsterdam Day/Night 3 – Recovery Mode

Given my late night, I knew that today wouldn’t exactly be jam packed. Still, I was getting hungry and was craving brunch. I decided to go towards the trendy Jordaan area to a spot that had been recommended to me. The streets were lined with high-end stores, which were starting to get into the holiday spirit.

image6 (3)
image7 (2)
image5 (3)
The Velarius Cafe was nestled on a side street and since it was almost 2PM (don’t judge) I was pretty much the only patron there. Starving, I immediately seized on the very appealing sounding house cured smoked salmon on poached farm eggs with Hollandaise (natch) and rocket on a choice of bread, including corn bread. I asked the server about the corn bread and after being assured it wasn’t too sweet, went with that option. It was basically heaven on a plate.

image0 (2)
The smoked salmon basically melted in my mouth. The eggs had that glorious dark orange color that only comes from farms and the rocket added a nice bit of texture along with the crunch corn bread. Delicious and exactly what I needed.

On my walk to the cafe, I had spotted what appeared to be some sort of farmer’s market so after my meal, I made the short loop to go check it out.

image1 (2)
Although I was of course incredibly satisfied with my brunch, once I started looking around this glorious little market, I kind of wished I hadn’t eaten yet.

image3 (2)

image2 (1)
I also encountered a fantastic foraged mushroom stand which made me also regret I didn’t have an Airbnb where I could go back and cook up some of the mushroom goodness.

image4 (3)

One thing though I couldn’t pass up was another cup of Mexican hot chocolate, which was becoming my go-to in this weather. The cumulative effect of my burning the candles at both ends was catching up with me so I walked back to the hotel to get some rest before dinner. A couple of hours later, I headed back towards the Center City to an Indonesian place that I spotted during a previous walk and had great reviews, taking of course a few pics along the way with everything now bathed in lights.

image12 (1)
image11 (1)

image8 (1)
The restaurant, Kantjil & de Tijger, was part of the strong tradition of Indonesian food in Amsterdam dating back centuries. I was very excited to try a Rijsttafel (rice table) in its birthplace. However, usually that’s not possible for a solo diner as its designed to be shared amongst a large group. Thankfully, the restaurant had a modified version which could be ordered per person that featured 10 different items of delicious Indonesian staples, from pork satay to beef rendang to the ubiquitous shrimp chips. Behold its glory!

image9 (1)
Each component both worked separately and even better combined, especially the powered toasted coconut with the spicy nasi goreng. However, the real standout was the tender beef rendang which was packed with flavor. Not bad for $20 too. I made as much as a dent as I could on the massive plate before throwing in the proverbial white towel.

image10 (1)

A couple of blocks down the street from the restaurant, I saw what must obviously be the beginning of the infamous Red Light District. However, it was wall to wall people and while I was curious, I decided it was best left to explore another time. Tune in dear readers to see if that time happens!


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