Kyoto – Night 1

After a bit of rest, we decided to try a restaurant close to our machiya.  After about a 5 minute walk we stopped in front of a small place that at least from the outside looked inviting.  It was another teppanyaki but a bit larger than where we had lunch.  A boisterous group of Japanese tourist were on the far end and we took the 2 seats closest to the flattop grill.  There was the chef and what I assumed was wife, both of whom bowed when we sat down.  The menu was small but looked quite good.  We decided to share a few things starting with grilled shrimp and onions, and scallops with butter and enoki mushrooms.

The shrimp were perfectly cooked and the fresh scallions on top gave them a nice crunch.

The scallops were large and plump, but the real star were the enoki mushrooms, which were tender and bursting with earthy flavor.  Not bad for a combined $13.00!

We also decided to try the Ji-dori Korean chicken.  I was drawn to that as there is a California brand of chicken called Jidori and the taste was actually quite similar.  Grilled to perfection, topped with scallions and a hint of citrus from the squeezed lemon, it was delicious.

As we ate, an older couple came in who turned out to be from Philadelphia .  They ordered the specialty of the house – okonomiyaki – which is a savory pancake made with all kinds of goodness.  They said this was their favorite place to go when visiting and suggested we try that dish next time.  Done and done.  After Chris finished his locally sourced sake and I with my Asahi draft beer, we made the blessedly short trip to our home and rested up for a big day tomorrow.


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