Since yesterday was a relatively quiet day/evening, I thought I’d do an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions for those not in the know) well, for the hell of it.

So given all of the pictures of food porn you’ve posted, how are you not like 1000 pounds by now?

While yes it’s true that I haven’t exactly been in everything in moderation mode, the food here for the most part is fairly healthy.  Plus, given that it’s a big walking city, I’ve gotten a lot of exercise that way as well as actually scheduled exercising.  I will be curious though to see if I gained any weight when I hit the scales upon my return.

It seems like you do a lot of stuff just by yourself.  Are you lonely?

Not at all.  Buenos Aires is a great city to meet a lot of interesting people.  Given my height and the fact that I’m clearly not a local, many people just come up to me and strike up a conversation.  I’ve also established a few hangouts where I’ve gotten to know people.

So does that mean you’ve gone out with other women besides that hellspawn you wrote about?

Yes, but to respect their privacy, I haven’t mentioned them nor included them in any of my reports.

Speaking of that hellspawn, was she really THAT bad?


Wow, she really was evil eh?


What’s your favorite thing about Buenos Aires been so far?

I love the concept of the puerta cerradas (the closed door restaurants)  They have all been superb so far and substantially cheaper than if I had the same menu at a real restaurant. The personal touch and care of everything makes them so great too.

Favorite dish?

Probably the single best thing I’ve had so far was the wood oven roasted chicken at Local – heaven on a plate.  I will be going back there later this week to have it again.

Favorite beverage?

I’ve actually been really impressed with the Argentine whites.  Since it’s been so hot, sometimes a white wine is what is needed more than the tintos (reds)  I’ve had some superb Malbecs too but to be expected.

Surely you have some complaints, right?

Well, one thing that I don’t exactly like is the fact that I have a crazy woman living across the way with her 4 dogs, 3 cats and a parrot that won’t shut up.  Their feeding time seems to always coincide with my siestas too, which is slightly annoying.  I’m also not exactly a fan of humidity so some days have been rough at the peak heat index.  Fortunately, it’s been a lot drier lately though.

What’s left to do?

Lots. I still have several restaurants I want to check out.  I also want to give the Las Canitas late night scene a try given how early I bailed last time.  I may do some more exploring of different barrios too.  Time is running short!


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