2 Weeks to Go

Almost exactly 2 weeks from right now (Pacific time), I will be landing back in LAX, a changed man.  This trip has been truly eye opening and a much needed reset after the worst year of my life last year.  I have 10 more days in Buenos Aires, followed by 3 in Mendoza and that’s it.  Now is the time to start trying to experience as much as I can before I left and cherish every remaining moment I have in this wonderful, crazy, vibrant and dynamic city.

That means more food porn to come, more posts about various alcohols I’m imbibing but hopefully no more Dates from Hell stories if I can avoid it.  As it gets closer to the end, I’ll also be posting overall thoughts and opinions of Buenos Aires, portenos and Argies in general.  It’s been heartening to get so much great feedback and hope everyone continues to enjoy my random musings.  Tonight brings another adventure in cooking and perhaps other shenanigans.  Stay tuned…


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