Las Canitas

It was hot and humid day so we decided to stay relatively local and go check out the neighborhood called Las Canitas.  One of the hottest spots in all of Buenos Aires, Las Canitas is a relatively small area that borders the polo fields and the upper north part of a large park.  Apparently lots of celebrities and notables live there, and I can see why as it’s quite beautiful.


It was just a short walk around the railroad tracks to get to the ensconced snazzy enclave and although it was almost 2PM, the streets were almost eerily quiet.  That changed slightly when we approached Las Canitas’ epicenter, a street called Baez, which was lined with shops, restaurants and bars.


It was still fairly subdued but it was readily apparent that this area must be seriously hopping during prime time.  I had read that a place called Novecentro was a good brunch option so we headed there.  Again, the restaurant was fairly dead but we decided to try it anyway.  I opted for my all time favorite brunch item – eggs Benedict – while Chris went for the scrambled eggs with ham.  Simple but nicely done for both.


We continued to walk around the area and I fell in love.  It reminded me a lot of some of my favorite neighborhoods in Spain and I vowed to return in a few days to check out the nightlife there.


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