My home for the next 6 days

One of the things I wanted to do on this trip is not stay at any conventional hotels.  I also thought it would be fun to stay in a loft given the oh so trendy area where I would reside.  Unfortunately, this turned out to be way tougher than anticipated due to the High Season.  I really wanted this one loft in Palermo Hollywood but it wasn’t available until 1/3 so I decided to rent another one in Palermo Soho to bridge the gap.

It looked pretty close to the pictures on their site with a very more bumps and bruises.  I almost didn’t rent it due to the truly hideous sherbet-like color scheme in the bedroom but decided to give it a shot anyway.

The bed is a wee bit short for someone my size but I’ll make do.




I arrived a mere 11 hours later at the gleaming Buenos Aires International Airport a bit groggy after a fitful night’s sleep due to a bumpy ride over the Andes.  Still, I was finally here and ready to get my adventure started…


Unfortunately, I ran into this truly Kafkaesque scene when I got to immigrations.  This was going to take awhile…

… and we’re back a mere 97 minutes later.  Apparently it wasn’t such a good idea to have multiple massive flights arrive at the exact same time into customs.  Due to this soul sucking experience, my enthusiasm for taking more pictures waned considerably and alas the next few hours went undocumented.

When you are 6’8″, flying sucks



Flying (at least for us in steerage) is bad enough for anyone but when you are 6’8″ (or 2.02 meters as I’ll soon be saying a lot) it’s almost unbearable.  Even getting an aisle row doesn’t really help much as you can see.  Fortunately, shortly after I took this, it turned out that on my row of 5 seats, there was an empty one so my seatmate graciously moved over to spare my legs and especially my knees.


And so it began…


My adventure for the next 5 weeks began at the swanky International terminal at DFW, complete with tons of shops, restaurants and a singer/guitar player who really shouldn’t have even been allowed to have an airport gig.